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Kotobukiya Statues

Looking for the premium when it comes to statue replicas? They don’t come more premium than Kotobukiya. With statues for Marvel, DC, Star Wars and Halo franchises, there’s plenty of choice so that there’s sure to be something for you or something that is ideal to buy for somebody.

All Kotobukiya statues have certain qualities that make them the prime option for people who want something very easy on the eye.

It’s undeniable – The main quality of Kotobukiya action figure statues is the painstaking detail that goes into each and every one of their models. For example, one of their most detailed statues is Darth Vader with a removable helmet (From Episode 6). Darth Vader’s cloak flows behind him as though he is walking. The wrinkles in his cloak are so detailed in that they look exactly as they would if he was walking. This is a detail that most statue makers do not think to include but it proves how good quality Kotobukiya statues are. They’re incredibly easy on the eye and include all the details that a true fan would note and appreciate.

Another example of fantastic detail is when you remove the helmet of Darth Vader. Most models and statues with this feature simply have a pale, bald head but Kotobukiya take this a step further and we think that it is brilliant. Not only does it feature the scar (which is surprisingly detailed!) but it also features forehead wrinkles and detailed eyes. The eyes look just like those of the actor in the film, the quality unsurpassed. Darth Vader also has a detailed chest plate, a direct replica of the one in the film. His outfit overall features the distinct look that has been retained throughout the entire Star Wars saga. The attention to detail here is immense and leads to a truly beautiful statue.

Another good thing about Kotobukiya statues is the pure size of the range. There’s almost certainly something for everybody with a huge collection of superheroes, supervillains and anti-heroes. This assures that no matter who you are looking to buy a gift for, there’s something for them. This is something that you don’t get with a lot of other statue makers with some people just making figures of the key people from franchises. Kotobukiya for example have models of characters that were only in films for 5 minutes: If that character has fans, Kotobukiya have a model of them!

The final quality is simply the fact that it is excellent value for money. At first, these models might seem to cost a good amount of money but if you look elsewhere can end up paying a great deal more for something that is much more inferior. That means that Kotobukiya is an excellent option for collectors, huge fans or simply those with a little interest. For collectors especially, the value of these models will just rise time and time again over the years. What costs £100 now may be worth a lot more in the future due to the impressive quality of it.