Star Wars: The Black Series best figures

Star Wars: The Black Series best figures

Star Wars has been a part of many people’s lives for 40 years now. This means an awful lot of people have grown up with Star Wars at different times. When buying for a Star Wars fan, the collection of figures can be daunting as especially since Disney took over, there has been a mass of merchandise produced. This guide is to help you choose the best action figure (or figures!) for whoever you’re buying for.

For the original trilogy fans:

Obviously, when something has been around for 40 years, one individual cannot have grown up with all the films! These recommendations are for fans who prefer the original

·         The black series: Darth Vader

Darth Vader is genuinely iconic. There isn’t a Star Wars fan (or non-fan) who doesn’t at least know of him and his best line - ‘I am your father, Luke’. This beautiful replica is extremely well detailed, coming with a base, backdrop and two variants of his signature blood red lightsabers. Perfect for re-enacting their favourite scenes, this is sure to content any fan of the legendary villain.

·         The black series: Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker is a true fan favourite in the Star Wars universe, with all the Star Wars films focussed around the Skywalker family (Other than the current trilogy, arguably). Again, the detail is immense but instead of lightsabers this model features guns. Coming with a stand and backdrop, it can be displayed anywhere.

·         The black series: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Until the prequels, little was known of Obi-Wan, he was just a hermit on a sandy planet. Despite this, he quickly gained a cult following and even today remains a favourite. This figure is exquisitely detailed, right down to the signs of age. It includes two variants of his lightsaber and a backdrop with stand.

For the fans of more recent times:

Star Wars has had a real resurgence since the late 90s. Despite the relative disappointment around the prequels, Star Wars kicked on and is now more popular than it has ever been. We have picked 3 figures from more recent times that younger fans will recognise.

·         The black series: Rey

From the critically-acclaimed ‘The Force Awakens’, this Rey figure will be very popular with younger viewers; she’s well on her way to also becoming a fan favourite. This model represents Rey as she was on Jakku and not only includes a stunning recreation of her but also the droid BB-8. This figure includes Rey’s main weapons from the film, her staff and Luke’s lightsaber. It comes packaged in an impressive illustrated box and the figure stands at 6 inches tall.

·         The black series: Chirrut Ímwe

From the most recent Star Wars anthology film ‘Rogue One’, Chirrut was possibly one of the most interesting additions to Star Wars in recent times. Most known for his self-depreciating comments about his blindness and his staff-wielding capabilities, Chirrut is sure to maintain his position as a much-loved character for years to come. This figure comes with two weapons from the film and is packaged in a stylish black box with a viewing window and illustration.

·         The black series: Ahsoka Tano

First rising to prominence during the TV series ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’, Ahsoka Tano was seemingly forgotten by the creators when she left the Jedi temple during season 5. Ahsoka leaving was foreshadowing things to come as only a mere few episodes later, the TV series ended. This seemingly closed the door for a return for a character that the fans really took to for nearly 5 years of screen time. She was liked so much that when a new TV show was created, the creators simply had to bring her back. This model comes with two lightsabers and is packaged in a classy illustrated window box to view the product.