Pop! Vinyl

Pop! Vinyl

Despite their increasing popularity for many years, plenty of people still aren’t quite sure what a Pop! Vinyl is. We’re going to explain them concisely so that you can decide whether you want one or would like to purchase one as a gift for a loved one.

What is a Pop! Vinyl?

A Pop! Vinyl is a vinyl toy line that was originally created in 2010 by the manufacturers Funko. The Pop! Vinyl is normally a bobble head based on a Japanese style known as Chibi which is basically a character with a small body but a huge head. Pop! Vinyls are therefore most recognisable by their small bodies, oversized heads and undetailed faces. The faces typically do not have a nose, mouth or eyebrows but they do have large black eyes on most models. There are occasionally exceptions to this, for example, a character with red eyes will have red eyes on their Pop! Vinyl. Despite the lack of detail when it comes to the head of these replicas, the bodies are normally extremely detailed and usually feature the most popular costume of that character. The size of the figure is normally just under 4 inches which is a great size for displaying around the house. Many people collect all of their favourite characters and leave them in the illustrated boxes when they display them around their home.

Pop! Vinyls now cover a range of licenced brands and popular culture such as TV and movies. Occasionally, they created characters from popular video games too. Despite being sold online and at conventions worldwide, they’re now often sold by shops as well. You can often see them being sold in shops that sell movies, boxsets and video games.

How big is the Pop! Vinyl range?

As we mentioned previously, they now cover a large range of licenced brands and popular culture. There’s hundreds if not thousands from a range of TV shows, movies and games. Whether you’re a big Marvel fan or a Star Wars fanatic, there’s plenty of choice for you. Pop! Vinyl now create replicas of Netflix TV show characters too so it isn’t exclusive to the biggest TV shows, games and movies either. If someone is popular, chances are there’s a vinyl of them!

Our favourites

With such a big range at Overdrive Toys, we’ve struggled to come up with our favourites across all of the vinyls available but here’s our favourites that are currently available:

X-Men (Speciality series exclusive) Iceman:

This figure comes in a fantastic illustrated box and stands at around 3.75 inches tall which equates to 9 centimetres. As we mentioned earlier, not all eyes are black. This figure has white eyes as with the Iceman from X-Men. The model is predominantly colours a blue/white mix and is shown projecting ice from his hands. We love this one because it’s truly unique!
Star Wars (Summer convention exclusive) Snoke:

Unfortunately, this figure doesn’t help us with any more details about Snoke as it is him as a hologram! However, it is a fantastic recreation of the hologram featured in The Force Awakens. Despite most Pop! Vinyls having a smooth head with a distinct lack of features, Snoke has all of his scars from the film. This makes this figure unique when compared with others. Also, this figure isn’t the standard sized 3.75 inches/9cm. It’s a super-sized Pop! Vinyl standing at a massive 6 inches.

Marvel (Summer convention exclusive) Captain America:

Once again, this Pop! Vinyl is very unique. As Captain America wears his black and white costume (covering his face), this model also has a lot of detail on the head. Despite this, the eyes are still the big, black characteristic eyes. Holding his shield, this figure might be intimidating if it wasn’t for the fact he’s under 4 inches tall!

If you’re interested in Pop! Vinyls, we have a huge range (including many exclusives) on our website. Why not take a look at some today?